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**New** Certified Contractor Member Program!

In order for our contractor members to achieve Certified
status, they must meet the following criteria each calendar year.

A.  Community Service – At least 2 community service projects must be
performed annually, or, participate in the SDRCA Annual Build-A-Roof project.  

B.  Association Participation - Each member must attend at least half of
the SDRCA Dinner Meetings held each calendar year.  

C.  Education - Each member must attend at least 4 industry
educational programs, seminars, or trainings.

D.  Safety - Each member must attend at least two (2) of the safety
programs provided by the SDRCA, or, provide evidence of the
member’s safety program.  

Consumer Benefits of the SDRCA
Find a roofing company with the expertise, professionalism and trustworthiness that you're looking for! SDRCA members are held to a Code of Ethics and professional standards and pratices in the roofing industry.
Member Benefits of the SDRCA
  • Referrals
  • Legal Issue Council
  • Education
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings/Speakers
  • Legislative Issue Influence
  • Discounts
  • Industry Programs
  • SDRCA Staff Assistance